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On a mission to find the most unique ways to make money and today I think I found it! My girlfriend Cara and I make $2,500 a day running a Doggy Daycare Zumies is a dog, boarding and daycare facility. So what we do is we keep dogs overnight when parents are going on vacation and then we also do daycare. So if parents are going to work and they don't want their pups to stay at home by themselves all day, they get to play with friends. So during the day in the playards while dogs are enjoying Group Play we send out and take pictur pictures for daily reports and then these go home to their parents at the end of the night between 600 and 7:00 and these are sent to our overnight.

borders. Hip Had a great day playing with her friends her best friend was Marlo and then we upload our picture for the day and that will be sent home to her mom. Shows her a happy, nice smiling face. Looks like she enjoyed her day.

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