Read Me!

Welcome to your new blog!

Would you like this blog to be yours? This is a demo site with around 50 videos added. Active paid sites are updated daily with new content, and of course once you sign up I will add ALL your videos.

If you are on or then your new blog would be on its own site and not a collaborative site. You can click here to see examples of blogs on their own. (Unless you want to create a collaborative site, we can talk more about that…)

*Any confidential details such as email address or phone numbers will never be released, I appreciate your privacy 100%

My name is Richard, I am web developer from Canada. Youtube has long been my choice, over regular TV, ever since its inception. Now I want to help my Youtubers take advantage of their hard work. I took some time to create a small demo site for you to demonstrate a missing opportunity. A place where all your Youtube videos (and other socials) will come together in one place.

Do not worry, this is only a demo site to show you what I can do for you, it will only exist on the Internet for a short time… long enough for you to evaluate the potential.

While you are viewing your new site, notice these points:

  • each page contains the original description you gave the video on Youtube
  • every page has the transcript of the video in text form allowing your speech to be search-able, before all those words you spoke in every video were not search-able, they are NOW!
  • every page has top comments added as found on the original video

As you post new content either daily, weekly, monthly… does not matter… I will keep on top of them and post them here within 24 hours of them going live. Your site will always be current.

Why is this new blog important to you?

  • your previously spoken words were not search-able, now they are…
  • adds many more pages to the Google search engine to help people find you
  • helps promote you and your socials to a broader audience then you had before
  • helps generate even more revenue through referrals/ad campaigns/sponsorships

Please contact me to discuss building out a complete site for you with all your Youtube videos and other socials.

Other customizations that can be done:

  • add Instagram pics
  • add Twitter tweets
  • add links to merch websites and affiliate sites
  • custom hashtags
  • disable comments from being left
  • I can also add this site to any existing site you own, or it can stay where it is, just let me know if the name it was given is OK with you