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Happy Monday! Great start to the week with small cap momentum. There were some good runners and nice gap-ups. Bryce is highlighting all of that movement in today’s Small Cap Recap.
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Tickers mentioned: $PLRX, $INBS, $GNS, $GROM, $IINN, $HLBZ
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What's up Small Cap recap: Welcome one welcome All my name is Trader Bryce Thank you for joining me today! Um and hopefully you guys are having a happy Monday Good start of the week so far. um Good Start In terms of Small Cap momentum too, let me tell you we had some. Runners Today we had some nice Gap UPS not all of them ended accordingly ended the same way, but we still had some good movement across the board today and that's mainly what we're gonna highlight today. just showing again the the the movers and kind of what we're seeing in the market right now.

That's the whole point of this if it's your first time here. Also, if it's your first time here, you don't know the routine by now. Make sure you drop a like right now before we even get into the charts. let me know down in the comments below how you traded today and uh, without further.

Ado Let's hop on in. Let's dive in here. How do I do this? There we go. Swag.

almost got it. Hold on, watch this foreign and one more adjustment. Oh, we're back there we go all right. So we had plrx the Gap up this morning.

Um, it was in a void for me. Unfortunately, it was looking nice. Uh, earlier on in the day you hear if you want there we are. Um, so basically what we ended up having was what looked to be a potential dip and rip here, right? It's about a 35 million float.

It's a biotech company Gap up higher priced stock. Um I Was really hoping that if we got over this 35, you know, 20 Level more or less that we could get through up into 37. It really needed like a 37 break in order to have potential to sustain this. and it just really stopped hard at V-wop which is kind of what I was worried about.

Um, you know, a little food for thought. Anytime a stock opens up pretty far under View Op after it's dapped up, be wary of it. View Object generally tends to act as a really, really high level of resistance, especially on stocks that open up drastically underneath View Op I mean View Op was at 38 at the time the market opened and opened up down at 35. you know what I mean Um, so keep an eye on things like that.

Plrx was a gap up this morning, but it really did just kind of get crushed. Um, I N B S here gapped up. It was up over 400 at one point today. Um, gapped up from 25 cents, ran up to a dollar sixty and really clean mover in pre-market Um, this would have been obviously like the most ideal entry right here.

down at 50 cents if you, uh, if you saw, but I'm not a big fan of trading pre-market personally. Um, just because there's so many gappers and so few of them actually kind of go through and end up like, well, something that does this now. Unfortunately, Inbs I was actually kind of warning in small cap Rockets You know this morning this is a really tough one because people are asking you know where's a good entry? Well, if we go over to the daily chart here, right? we look back and they're the the Resistance I mean like at 150, you know we've got that area. Um, and if I go on to I Was looking on think or Swim today, so this is all this was all the chart history.
Um, it was showing me for Imbs showing fresh highs I am BS on here. it might have been a different ticker at one point back in the day too. that could be if not. and my thinkorswim was just wrong.

Um, we obviously running into a lot of resistance here in the 150s as it was, um, and then up here in the 180s too. Um, what? Whatever the case might be. The fact of the matter is though this was up over 400 like at the time it opened or up over 300. I'm sorry.

at the time it opened, even though it wasn't a High full of stock, it's a low float. It's under 20 million. It's really tough when something is that extended right out of the gates forward to keep running right? It's just it's too extended. Anyone if this is real, anyone that's in it from Down down, anywhere else is going to be selling.

Um, and yeah, you're gonna have early shorts getting blown out of the water. but that is, you know, Literally, um, gonna be suppressed by any kind of selling from there. And so it really takes until later in the day for it to kind of hold up and at this point it had literally just done nothing. The best ones the best Gap ups And don't get me wrong, you do see some that Gap up big and still make Big runs.

What it needs to do is a big morning push which it did and then it needs to be curling through here. Let's pull up view up real quick. It never even retested that high a day that 160 area I would have liked to see a curl out of here. um I wouldn't even really wanted to see.

If you excuse me, a V web test is something that's strong until maybe later in the day when hiccups are back full force. They've got me hostage I think I just don't talk for a quick second or split my talking up into different chunks. It might go away, you know. don't don't don't tease it.

There we go. Gns: Uh, was a mover from Friday well actually Thursday really? Um, big gap up on Friday and then it opened pretty strong and closed. really weak. Uh, yes or on Friday Then today the daily chart is not resembling here, but it actually broke out um over both yesterday's size and pre-market highs.

My key level that I had marked um was let me just check for Gns click I want to double check that level? Yeah, so I knew it was over that level here. in after hours, it needs to hold over 450. 450 is a very, very key hold for this tomorrow. 440 to 450.

Um, but it really needs to hold that 450 level. That's going to be that and that 430 or 440. I'm sorry, uh, and we saw from today, right? But those are also gonna be major daily levels of resistance. Where a lot of volume came in yesterday.

Um, and generally on areas where there is higher volume, those are the areas I want to be looking out for for areas of large support, but again, 450s. Um, up to five. If we can stay in that range, it's tomorrow. This could be a monster.
Runner Once again tomorrow. I Like Gns a lot. A couple other notable ones. Nothing crazy, but Grom I had a really nice close here apparently.

Uh, well actually I don't even know why I'm sure I think someone was saying on Twitter this is a big uh, a lot of people are short this kind of stock I don't remember that for a fact though. an illegal Short Selling Uh, that that whole Trend that's going around on Twitter II and a really tough one to trade and I won't trade it. but uh. Interesting little action here? Uh, up.

You know, about 50 right now could do something going in tomorrow, but Iin has always been a really tough one for me to trade. So I am likely not going to trade it again just because it's always really struggled to do anything more than I mean this was a really nice day one move and then after that it was nothing. It's been impossible to trade since then. Um, and I've just gotten burn on it a few times now.

so um, let's see Gns Imbs. uh uh oh, there's the last one I knew I had one more I wanted to go over Hlbz absolute monster. Um, gapped up this morning. Uh, held yesterday's close just fine, right? It was still green on the day all day, so really nice little perk here.

This could have actually been considered a really nice dip and rip entry right in here now. generally I'd like to wait for that high day break. so I would have been wanting to buy close to 30 cents, but um, there was this really nice little Trend break right here as well. right underneath view up.

One of my favorites down at 27. you get a really easy 25 cent risk on this one. I actually wasn't even at my computer. uh, during this time I'd walked away.

Unfortunately, it just walked away too. Um now I wouldn't have wanted to buy it until later in the afternoon Personally, even if I had gotten in it that like I Just don't think I would have been at my computer at 11 in the morning this morning, right? Market time? Um, ideally and I was I was ordering groceries here. It was all on me. It was all on me.

Um, but I was working groceries and I didn't even see it. Truthfully, let's see here. So this was a really nice uh, it was a day two move I don't know if I would have traded like I don't know if I would have looked at daily chart I'm like, ah yes. fantastic.

um and obviously it did work out really well. Um, but yeah, this this was a really nice mover. it was. It was slow until it kind of went parabolic here over that 38 Cent High day break now up over 50 cents in after hours.

This probably turns into a crazy mover tomorrow, especially after that fake out dump right in the end of the day. Um, largest volume candle on the two minute? I Guess not in the one minute. but I mean we saw what it did last time. It did this right.

It had this big washout candle earlier this, uh, earlier this afternoon and it continued to dump before eventually bouncing an Hlbc kind of doing the same thing right. It had this big washout candle and then recovery. Now back up in your highs. This could be a really fun one going in tomorrow? Uh, but we'll see.
I I'd say Hlbz is definitely my top watch going in tomorrow. but I also like Cosm third Day surge I didn't get into one of the charts I did not get into it on the chart here I'm actually running late to basketball right now so I'm in a little bit of a rush I'm in my basketball attire. um so I'm gonna go play that but I Just want to say thank you guys as always for watching. If you didn't hit the like button yet, go down.

click it. It should be somewhere right around here. right near my mic probably. Um, drop a comment.

let me know how you traded today. The market was pretty hot and uh, what? your watches are for the rest of the week. Thank you guys so much! Uh, make sure you subscribe to have those post notifications on too and I'll see you back here on Wednesday Thank you everyone! Bye I Hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for being a part of the stocks to trade family. We just hit a hundred thousand subscribers, but our goal by the end of this year is to get 150 000 new family members a part of our channel.

So if you haven't already, be sure to hit that like button comment down below. Hit the Subscribe button and maybe even turn on your post notifications. We cannot do this without your guys support so thank you so much. And if you want to see more of what we're doing again, hit that subscribe button, hit that like button and comment down below.

We'll see you in the next video.

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11 thoughts on “illegal short selling gets market hot small cap recap”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Merch Stop Inc says:

    Holding my 3rd position overnight in $HLBZ

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Cooper says:

    Wishing you'd went a little deeper on the illegal shorting

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Dix says:

    Thank you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brendan Kovalcin says:

    great recap as always!
    i almost got into $GNS today after it broke $4.50, i would have rode it to $6 but i had to go to work at 2
    🙁 rip

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars José Lin Valores says:

    What are some twitter groups to follow I hear everyone always taking about twitter

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Okie Tradez says:

    HLBZ ran bcuz GNS did GNS ran hard then HLBZ ran then COSM ran all eod of day today i took it .305 added .33 sold at .37

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Okie Tradez says:

    today was awesome went 4 for 7 and was very green my goal def is to size up

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danny Hardwick says:

    Thanks Bryce, I'm trading small 3 green today learning the process. HLBZ $22.50 FFIE $12.00 GNS $30.00

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh Tavenner says:

    $1200 profit between BOXD and INBS today. Made a quick $4k on BOXD in a few minutes after close on Friday.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Isaac Paul says:

    How can I get more profitable Investment in the market? Is this pump short getting wrecked and liquidated, or any indication of whale, corporate treasury buys?

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    great video

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