Eliminating Confirmation Bias | Mindset Monday
If you’re running plays that aren’t working or justifying habits that aren’t serving you, why? The most likely explanation is confirmation bias. Your biases control the stories you tell yourself about what you can do, are willing to do, and are afraid of. In this Mindset Monday, we’re going to make a serious inquiry into what your biases are, then explore a better, truer story to tell yourself.
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In a radically changing environment, you have got to get honest with yourself about the plays that you're running. Are they working? Are they not working? And more importantly, I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself, where do I have biases? Where do I have confirmation bias? Where do I say to myself I could never do that Not at this point in my career or I'm unwilling to do that or those lead sources or that solution or whatever it may be. That's just not my thing. Well, the real deal is no one cares.

and if your business isn't where you want it to be, you've got to remove the confirmation bias. You have to remove these biases that you have about where you are and your career at this point. Or I don't like these things. No one cares what you don't like, No one cares.

The only thing that matters is solve problems for customers. The only thing that matters is provide value to customers and whatever the delivery mechanism is. Do that, get in front of more customers. Whoever is closest to the customer is always going to be be the one that makes all the money because that's who wins in an environment like this.

So ask yourself if there was 35 different ways for you to attract Sellers As an example and you went through the list. How often do you find yourself saying well, I would never do that? Not at this point in my career I Don't like those those people blah blah blah And you make up these silly stories about human beings because you categorize them because they're an expired listing or for sale by owner or knocking on a door or buying an online lead or whatever it is, it's your confirmation bias that are stopping you. The only thing that matters is serve customers. The only thing that matters is to serve customers.

and it doesn't matter what category they're in. If you're a good human being, go serve customers.

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