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00:45 California Shooting & Newsom Failure
02:40 Classified Documents Donald Trump, Biden, Pence
03:50 Letter Attack Spain & Ukraine.
04:41 Tanks to Ukraine & WW3.
08:30 FBI Indictment for Colluding with Russia.
13:39 Covid Rant.
14:56 Hunter Biden Scandal.
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Mike Pence has classified documents found in his home Russian agents apparently are suspected of trying to carry out a letter bomb attack. You've got an FBI agent who was supposed to investigate Donald Trump for collusion with Russia ending up getting arrested for colluding with Russians folks I Don't know what's going on here, but politics sucks even. Hunter Biden doesn't even feel right taking diamonds. Yeah, we'll talk about that too.

This stuff you just can't make up. And folks, let me just say when I ran for governor in California I thought politics was going to be one of those places where good people can try to bring about a change in America it should be obvious what my stance is against uh, our particular and current governor given that I ran a campaign against him. But let's just say this tweet that I just sent I personally believe summarizes it well we just had our second mass shooting in a row in California and the governor says that it's a large capacity magazines that make people lunatics and that the Second Amendment is a suicide pact completely ignoring the fact that if you want mental health treatment in California you have to wait six months Unless you're rich, we don't do Financial education at our schools so people poor and depressed. There's no mental education in our schools so nobody wants to talk about it because mental education is stigmatized and the government would rather spend us into or our governor would rather spend us into a deficit of over 20 billion dollars currently estimated which could grow thanks to stimulus checks that he sent to people making up to five hundred thousand dollars in the same house.

So that's absolutely nuts. and it's ludicrous. It seems like politics has come down to. Let's just point the finger at anyone but ourselves.

and let's not take accountability for the fact that our government is screwed up and there are so many improvements that need to be made. People sometimes say Kevin why don't you try to do something about it Uh, that's why I ran for governor and maybe I will one day again in the future. not anytime soon. I Got a lot of other projects.

maybe maybe when I'm older because everybody made fun of me as being too young I guess I Guess you can't run for governor when you're 29 and I'm 30. this is close enough. But anyway, folks, government needs to be pressured to make sure that the right change happens. We can't continue down the road of saying oh, blame the magazines That's clearly the problem has nothing to do with mental health or the fact that people are sad or hateful or vengeful in America No, and that let's not try to solve that problem at all.

It's kind of like how interesting Now we have documents floating around. Papers floating around in not only Donald Trump's residence and Mara Largo but we've got Joe Biden that has undergone like three waves of searches for classified documents. and now what do we get? We get a report that classified documents were found at the former Vice President Pence's home in a letter from a pence representative to the National Archives. To me, it seems like the government is so broken that even within the White House doesn't even matter what political party you're a part of.

Even within the White House, they'll look at you and say, hey, you know what Want some classified documents Here you go. Don't mind the fact that other people with top secret security clearances have to go into sterile rooms and read classified documents through Plexiglas boxes to make sure they don't leave with those documents, Don't mind the fact that the hard-working people working for the American bureaucracy actually try their best. Yet, when it comes to the White House doesn't again matter what party you're in, it's just an Sh-9t show. Um, cheers to that Now cheers not to this.

Apparently Russian agents suspected of directing a white supremacist group to carry out a letter bomb were discovered in a campaign that originated from Spain. Targets of the campaign were the Prime Minister defense minister and foreign Diplomat. No one was killed, but an employee of the Ukrainian Embassy was injured. Investigators focusing on the Russian Imperial Movement, a radical movement with members across Europe are deepening their investigation, suggesting that right now there are no signs that a Moscow is trying to expand attacks throughout the European region, but certainly sending uh, some Shivers through the spines of individuals in Europe Though then again, there are those on the other side that say well, the Ukrainians are planting that themselves so that the Europeans will send more tanks.

Because first the United, States and United Kingdom have agreed to send armored personnel carriers along with France. These are more of your quick and agile and by that I mean like 30 mile an hour caps on speeds. Armored personnel carriers that are really designed to move infantry safely around battlefields and they can help in urban Warfare where let's say you drive an armored personnel carrier into Uh City Straits and there's an enemy behind a building. at least when you drive by and start taking fire, you have some armor.

Hence, armored personnel carrier can also help for tactically trying to take out Uh batteries of individuals shooting missiles when they're established uh or or Rockets when they're established along the front lines that Russia has established in eastern Ukraine. But either way, shortly after this information about the letter bomb, we now have Germany allowing other countries such as Poland to re-export a Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine. Leopard battle tanks are substantially stronger and a much a more capable of actually invading. rather than just operating reconnaissance or defense.

these are substantially stronger, more expensive, more Firepower battle tanks is what they are. They're not just personnel carriers, they are battle tanks designed to destroy and attack. These battle tanks are potentially going to be exported from Poland to Ukraine as early as the next couple of weeks here, and there is now a consideration by the United States to potentially match the shipping of Leopard battle tanks with Uh sending American Abram Battle tanks uh to the Ukrainian Battlefield There are some who say this is all thanks to the letter bomb which again some say was planted by Ukrainians and others say no, it's just Russian extremism. but either way concerns are mounting that the closeness we are getting to World War III is rising.

Some make the argument that if we have battle tanks and offensive military equipment such as F-16 fighter jets which the Netherlands are now considering sending to Ukraine. the more we have offensive battle equipment such as Abrams leopards and F-16 fighter jets, the more Ukraine could not only mount an offensive to take over the Eastern region of Ukraine but could potentially then roll over into actual Russian territory, which some say might lead to a nuclear-styled response from Putin. Many others argue why would he do that on his own territory, but he doesn't necessarily have to. He could launch such attacks within Ukraine past where potentially the front line battles are taking place and we could see the start of a nuclear style of warfare in Ukraine if Vladimir Putin were to escalate the situation in response to an escalation or attack by Ukraine.

Now many say there's no way he is going to do that that would guarantee complete destruction of Ukraine as potentially we enter a World War III in the United States and Russia and China and potentially other countries have to Duke it out. I Think this is a little bit more of a doomsday scenario, but what we do know is that tensions are rising. There is a reason Republicans Want to reduce military defense spending by 70 to 80 billion dollars? It is to reduce the supplying of weapons to Ukraine and reduce that potential of a World War III Now this is kind of weird because usually it's Republicans who actually want more spending on the military industrial complex, not less and in this case, rules ever reversed. But I'll tell you when it comes to talking about role reversal, there's nothing more weird than the fact that an FBI agent who was once a high level FBI agent with an over 22-year tenure at the FBI being arrested and charged with working working with a sanctioned Russian oligarch apparently Charles McGonagall a former top FBI counterintelligence official who was involved in the Trump-russia collusion investigation has been charged with conspiring to violate a U.S sanctions on Russians We actually have the indictment against this individual.

This is the actual indictment as it was released and it shows here that the A Russian oligarch essentially got the FBI agent Mr McGonagall and another individual a Russian interpreter to help investigate a rival of the Russian oligarch in return for concealed payments. When this particular individual here I'll try it was interviewed by FBI agents even after meeting with the other agents and parties involved just 12 days prior and when he was asked if he had been meeting with any of them, completely lied and said nope and haven't done any business with them. haven't met as you would kind of expect in such a scenario. And sure enough, now they're being charged with multiple, multiple uh, different violations of the law.

And apparently these individuals had their personal electronic devices seized as early as November 21st 2021. That's when, Uh, the activity between these individuals and their potential Russian counterparties ended up stopping. So this investigation has been going on for quite a while. Some interesting arguments here were that one of them was Uh, was potentially to pay the law firm 175 000 per month.

this is the Olga uh, Oleg Deripaska was apparently paying a law firm 175 000 per month who would then earmark twenty five thousand dollars per month to other Consultants like the FBI agent and The Interpreter involved. Uh. Apparently there were a lot of pseudonyms used in surveillance such as you know whom, the client and the big guy which um, gosh, reminds us so much of what happened with Uh Hunter Biden and the Uh that kick some money up to the big guy. But anyway, on uh, about October 28 2021 subcontractor one and four McGonagall that a third party had located dark web files that could reveal hidden assets valued at more than 500 million.

US Dollars among other information that Mcconagall believed would be valuable to the Russian Oligarch. between then and around November 21st Mcconagall and The Interpreter negotiated with an agent to obtain funds from the oligarch to purchase these dark web files. I mean this honestly reads somewhat like a spy Thriller We've got charges here, like violating the International Emergency economic Powers Act This is basically Russian sanctions following the Uh incursion against Ukraine We've got money laundering. We've got uh, false statements I mean we've got a whole host of charges here.

conspiracy to commit money laundering. And what's really ironic is that the individual arrested and charged here well, one of them article was someone who actually in 2016 was serving as chief of the FBI cyber crime section at the FBI and was was one of the first FBI officials to learn that a Trump Campaign official was bragging that Russian officials had dirt on Hillary Clinton and was then encouraged and assigned to investigate Trump Russia Collusion. Uh, this sparked the Trump-russia collusion probe. The Russian oligarch apparently founded an aluminum company and had ties to Putin and previously worked with Paul Manafort, which that's interesting because Paul Manafort was Trump's old campaign chairperson.

Mcconagall retired in 2018, but previously worked to investigate Russians via counter-espionage operations, including on the very billionaire oligarch whom ended up paying him. So this FBI guy was assigned to investigate the guy that after he retired he ended up working for and taking bribes and money from. Oh my gosh you. Seriously, you just cannot make this up.

Uh, and what's really crazy is just the amount of shocking. uh, like the shocking number of right-wing conspiracies that ended up uh, you know, having at least like some some meat or honestly just being completely true to them. For example: FBI spying on Trump and spreading misinformation about the Russian interference on media platforms. We knew this from the Twitter files, right? you have Democrats Believing the hunter Biden story was a fake and anybody who talked about it was a conspiracy theorist.

Well, obviously we know that there was an orchestrated campaign to try to bury the hunter Biden laptop story. We do know that Facebook and Twitter did censor accurate questions and scientific debate and discussion about Covid. We also know that secret blacklists were designed to censor and de-platform people with a disfavorable voice, especially against Big Pharma The Wall Street Journal Just two days ago and I made a video about this, put out an entire piece, exciting studies and evidence over why Big Pharma is actually rigging the latest vaccine booster data on Ba4 and Ba5 Omicron to manipulate individuals to believe that it is indeed safe and effective. When the CDC themselves first in August says yeah, it's approved, it's safe and effective.

Let's go for it. Then a month later quietly posts a study going dang, it's only 22 to 43 effective, which is actually less than the 55 plus percent effective efficacy you would ordinarily require for a vaccine. Yet the CDC sticking with the idea that these are safe and effect. it's just.

And we don't even talk about safe. Okay, that's a whole separate video. But the effective. This is just ludicrous.

We also know that the media is censoring. Uh, any views about vaccines frequently gets censored. We know that Elon taking control of Twitter exposed the control the FBI had on Twitter. And so let's just say you've got some crazy things that go on in politics.

It's just, it's like crazy. I mean here's a Zero Hedge article which we know zero Edge has definitely a right tilt. But I mean, look at some of this. National Security concerns over Joe Biden's classified document Scandal just got worse.

Two reports have emerged which place Hunter Biden at Biden's residence where he was raking in millions of dollars from a Chinese Communist Party linked business dealings. Okay, we got to break that down a little bit. So basically, we know that the Biden Administration has been embarrassed about the discovery of classified documents in the garage of Biden's home. This is next to Biden's Corvette which that comes up because Biden's like, well, the garage is locked.

Meanwhile, we know that Donald Trump apparently had, uh, these classified documents in a locked safe at Mar-A-Lago uh, apparently safer than Uh Joe Biden's classified documents. But apparently there have also been three rounds of searches through Joe Biden's documents. and uh, the difference at least that's being argued by Dems is that Hey Joe Biden's cooperating. They're inviting him in Now we're seeing the same thing at Mike Pence's offices again.

This this whole document thing is just ridiculous because it just shows how loosey-goosey the whole White House is, no matter what party you are. And again, I My goal in this video is not to make it seem like Oh I'm a lefty or a righty. I'm trying to be an American in the middle going what the like, What is going on, That's it. This, This is nuts.

and so what do we have about Hunter Biden Well, apparently when Hunter Biden was filling out a background check, he listed his rent is 49 910. That was the amount uh of the security deposit and apparently six months of rent for an office space at House of Sweden in DC, which apparently based on Photo metadata was basically uh, Joe Biden's home. uh, where? uh, where. All of a sudden, these classified documents were discovered and Joe Biden Uh, Joe Biden's son Hunter has been uh, associated with a couple individuals of a questionable background.

For example, there's a Patrick Ho and Ye John Ming Patrick Hall is apparently an official who was later charged in the United States in connection with a multi-million dollar scheme to bribe leaders from Chad and Uganda. This is a A Chinese official and through a retainer agreement in a newly uncovered document. Apparently there were signatures from both Hunter Biden and Hull who was later convicted and sentenced to three years in prison per the Washington Post Uh, and then you've got Uh Yi who was the chairman of the C E F C. He was described as a partner.

This is a Chinese Energy company, Cesc China Energy, a Chinese conglomerate. Uh, that uh, that was a pretty big come a private company. It was uh among the 10 largest private companies in 2014, listed in 2017 as number 2022 or 222 on the global Fortune 500 list. However, uh, it declared bankruptcy and apparently the company used a complex web of Affiliated companies to uh, put together fake deals and Uh and bank loans, facilitating an aggressive expansion.

Anyway, he was detained in China in mid-feb 2018 and hasn't been heard from since. Somehow Hunter Biden is connected with these individuals. apparently in early 2017, Hunter met with a Cefc chairperson that's Mr Yi in Miami we're allegedly Hunter Biden received a diamond worth about eighty thousand dollars last year Hunter Biden told the New Yorker that Ye was in fact the one who gave him the diamond following an introductory meeting in Miami and Uh and and his divorce from his first wife, Hunter claimed that he gave the diamond to two unidentified Associates who also gathered at the dinner saying I knew it wasn't a good idea to take it. It just felt like it was weird or I just felt like it was weird.

Anyway, apparently the dinner had to do with the natural gas joint venture in Louisiana that ended up falling apart for this Energy company. Uh, you know you've got Hunter's ex-wife apparently discovering that Hunter obtained the diamond and sent the divorce attorney involved in the divorce case. Uh, the the information related to the discovery of this diamond, which that ended up leading to some more information about the diamond again. Uh, there's some metadata from photos on Hunter Biden's laptop showing that he lied about not having the diamond and that he had it in Wilmington Well, and that the current location of it is not very clear, but the photos are the most concrete evidence that Hunter Biden potentially had access to classified documents while negotiating with a Chinese Energy company that let's just say had some shady characters involved in it.

and uh, there are pictures like this one showing uh, that Hunter Biden was present again. Oftentimes you take a picture now on your phone, the geolocation of those is preserved, and uh, laptops obviously can read that that sort of information or so can your phone Now, even though some of these pictures were taken before Joe Biden's presidency, some of the recent document findings show that Joe Biden actually had classified documents from back when he was in the Senate Which means that while Hunter Biden was at the house of Joe Biden, it is possible that Hunter Biden had access to classified documents that Joe Biden supposedly wasn't supposed to have but still had at his home from the time he was in the Senate. Now Bottom line: All of out of all of this, apparently people need to get off of paper. I'm a big fan of like a Google Drive hashtag not sponsored just like Get Off Of Paper.

If you don't have paper floating around, it's a lot harder to lose papers and store papers. Obviously, things could get hacked. We know that there's cyber security policies that should be implemented I Think they're a little bit easier to follow than paper, but boy, all of this political stuff is just such a mess and a disaster and it kind of just disgusts me about government and it's really to me exhausting. That's how I feel about it I Feel exhausted I don't know about you.

Let me know in the comments down below how you feel about it all and we'll see you in the next one.

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