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Okay folks, so in today's video I Want to explain to you and show you one stock that trades at just under two bucks a share that I believe is likely to Triple yes, triple in the coming weeks. I'm gonna go through this in three steps: Number one, the current trading setup and why it's leading me to this conclusion, number two, the catalysts and number three, the number one risk factor that could lead me to being wrong on this thesis: I've been wrong plenty of times in the past and will be wrong plenty of times in the future. but hopefully these videos can give you some interesting perspective and a different way of looking at a lot of these stocks and propose some interesting strategies to get you thinking. Also, quick plug our Black Friday sale on zip Trader you is on and this is the biggest sale that we've ever done.

60 off when you type in coupon code block 60. lock in lifetime Access today doing a step-by-step lessons, private chat, daily morning briefings, full price Target list as well as all other trading resources. Take some time over this Thanksgiving and think about whether or not we are the right fit for your trading goals because if there is a time to join us, it's definitely now because again, you get that sixty percent off. Okay, now the stock of the hour Madame M Matt Now if you aren't familiar with the context on this, we originally identified the setup and started briefing on it in mid-october at about 110 ish a share.

We've made oodles and poodles of videos and briefings during its overall roller coaster ride to the Upside which as of early this week saw it climbed to 2 30 for a more than double from briefing price to highs and my latest take on Monday was that we would see the pattern of selling off after big upward pushes continue and that's exactly what we've seen as of midday. Today you saw it sell off another 12 percent if the pattern of upward pushing and then selling off and then a new bottom and then a new breakout attempt continues. We should see a bottom within the next few trading sessions probably Monday or Tuesday maybe Wednesday We're talking next week of course, but but big. but if it fails to maintain any of the ground it gained in the last upward push, we could see a longer winded dump and a reset of this upward stair stepping cycle.

But either way, I see M Matt and and as I'll explain a little bit later, its preferred shares Mmtlp to be ample trading grounds ripe for huge trading opportunities in the coming weeks. That said, if you are considering playing it before we go any further, make sure that you wait for The Dumping to actually stop and for it to show signs of leveling out at support and bouncing off that support. Beautiful proof of concept, beautiful confirmation of momentum. Always make sure that you're not catching a falling knife you don't want to go and buy a stock when it's going Kanye Crazy.

You want to buy it. When it started to close, it started to close on a certain support level and all of a sudden, Whoop! it's showing that proof of concept of New Momentum So Meta Materials went and applied to have their Mmtlp preferred shares go private in their S1 filing with the SEC and on November 18th, the CEO said quote S1 is now effective. Effectivo! What's the deal with this though? Well, Mmtlp is the current placeholder for next Bridge Hydrocarbons, which is a division of Meta Materials that is about to be spun off and taken off the public market, providing a Catalyst for Mmat itself which will benefit if the spin-off is lucrative, lucrative, and provide a deadline of course, for shorts to cover Mmtlp before it goes private. Who cares? I Care Mmtlp is a massively massively shorted division of Meta Materials Short volume accounts for like half of all of Mmtlp's trading volume, and according to some speculators and estimates, there are 80 plus million shares sold short.

But really, no one knows. All we know is it's a shy ton of shares that are sold short and they will be forced to cover it to some extent once the stock has to go private. Now look folks, if you're following stocks in 2021, we all know the game where everybody says, oh, shorts have to cover, shorts are screwed blah blah blah blah blah and then shorts don't do anything until everybody loses interest and then they cover And they cover profitably and then they go home. run into mama with a new Louis Vuitton bag and the mom's like I Am so proud of you I am so proud of you little Kenny But at least with this, you have a general idea of when short sellers are going to want to cover.

If a stock is going private, which this one is, its Shares are no longer going to be tradable. Which means the liquidity of being short gets drained massively and it often makes the most sense to cover if they're not forced to cover. If the way that a company is going private is by going and buying all the shares in the available float, then yeah, Brokers are going to require short sellers to return the lent out shares so they can close the overall deal. But oftentimes there is a smaller percentage of public float that stays public for a while or converts into some other kind of financial instrument that has ownership to some extent in the main entity.

Which means in that small percentage, shorts could theoretically roll over their short position. In this case, we just don't have the details in regards to whether or not they're going to be able to do that. But the point of the matter is that whether or not they can do that, it does make sense for a lot of short sellers who are short this to cover because again, the liquidity is going to dry up. You don't want to be short, something that is no longer going to be publicly tradable.

And in my view, if you see a sizable amount of them covering oof, oof. you could easily see a lot more momentum than we've already already seen. All of this momentum that you've already seen is all people anticipating anticipating what could happen if the shorts are starting to cover in. Mass Imagine at these higher levels if they do start covering in mass and they all start covering it once if you get a massive double, triple, or even triple fruffle.

And by the way folks, if you want to for fripple your account, make sure to hit that ravishing like button down below and we will help you for fripple it. Point to the matter is that if you look at the short setup on Mmtlp, you look at all of the capital and attention that is going to flow into Mmtlp or a matte in the upcoming two weeks as a result of this massive massive Catalyst And to me, it suggests that both are going to be very, very fun. Battlegrounds Insider Buyers We all like to see insiders buying their own companies and you just saw Mr Thomas Gordon Welch buying a combined three million shares via options executions and then on the 16th you had director John Harding acquiring 126 000 shares which led Pump Place I mean uh, sorry, investor place to report a couple days ago that John Harding doubled down on Mmat following the purchase, the Director now indirectly owns 126 000 shares through Harding Partners and directly owns 96 915 shares. The 96 915 shares were all acquired in August at a price of zero dollars per share.

So if you look at this in totality and you look at how many people are saying this is the best news sent. shredded bread came out which that wasn't even that great of news to be fair, but you look at everybody saying this and you're like, wait a second. Okay, you're licking your lips over this news. but he literally had 96 000 shares that he acquired at a price of zero dollars per share.

and he just bought 126 000 shares that he bought. That's probably worth around 250 000 at current trading prices if he bought it at like two bucks or 180 and he's also a director of the company. Is it that big of a deal that the director of a company would have a total stake in the company? A 600 million dollar market cap company of like three to four hundred thousand dollars? That's not a lot, folks, it's really not. And then Thomas Welch who is executing these options and buying shares? Well, yeah, his holding has been increasing, but he's also been very, very slowly and consistently offloading them.

So what I would say in terms of Insider buys and sells I Would say it's a little bit mixed. I would say it's kind of neutral at best, not being terribly exciting and nothing terribly bad. just catalysts where people are going and saying oh, he's doubling down when in reality he should have bought a lot more now. Next, you go back to the Chart.

Once Mmat bottoms out probably in the next few trading days starting somewhere next week, you want to see some early morning running and then a start of a bounce that can take us to a new breakout. Also, pay very, very close attention to volume. A lot of people they don't look at volume. they ignore volume, but it's incredibly important, especially with Mmtlp, which is a lot lower in terms of float.

Volume precedes price. Remember that volume precedes price. You look at Mmtlp this past. Monday You have this massive increase in volume that started with the first uptick.

Then, all of a sudden, what do you get? Boom boom boom boom Boom. All of a sudden, the stock explodes like 3x higher than the previous move did throughout the entire rest of the day, yet volume supposedly died off. What the heck happened here? Well, I'm gonna get in trouble for suggesting this, but the way that reporting authorities report volume and the way that it shows up on your brokerage platform is probably not very accurate, especially in the super small caps. for this particular setup, all the volume came in during the morning and you didn't actually start seeing the impact on share prices until later in the day.

Remember volume precedes Price Right It precedes price changes price rapid movements which means what? Well, it means that if you see a lot of volume with a stock and the stock doesn't move to match that volume increase, well, you can expect the big move is going to happen later on in the day and if you can exploit that to your advantage, more power to you. So what should you look out for here? Well, I think the go time is within the next two weeks wait for it to sell off and then show that proof of concept like I've already said, but also look for specific catalysts, more filings, more press releases on details, and crucial dates that the spin-off is going to occur. Insider buys and of course, any sort of media article that creates any sort of attention spiral for either of these two stocks. Now, of course, because we do have the sale I Want to go ahead and remind you if you need help keeping up to date with Catalyst drops on this stock and others.

We do offer our daily morning briefings as part of zip Trader U where we give a breakdown on everything we see in the battlefields and different trade ideas and so on and so forth. It is something that is incredibly useful if you're not getting up a couple hours before Market open and scouting out everything that you see and putting it in a formulated organized newsletter. The whole the whole idea is to brief what we see so that we can save you some time. I Will go ahead and put the link to the full program down below.

Of course we'd love to have you in there coupon code block 60, but capitalist Charlie aside, what I will say is make sure that you're watching in the pre-market look for that little proof of concept. Something like a five to ten percent run stop in at Market Open. Like a little bit of volume going boop boop volume. it stretches like this.

That's very unusual for the M of Matt or for the Mmtlp in the morning. That could suggest that big money is moving a lot behind the scenes and you're going to see a lot of big Pops later on in the day and you can exploit that if you can identify it early enough. that's it. I Understand the two things that people don't want you to talk about on YouTube are religion and politics.

Well, one of those I have to break I have to talk about religion I Personally do not belong to the Church of Holden hope I Simply do not. It is not something that I believe and I have no faith in that. Holding and hoping is not a strategy and you should not treat it as one. In my view, you should only play stocks like Mmat and Mmtlp during momentum cycles and run for the damn Hills and lock in profits Whenever the momentum starts meaningfully dying off.

You can always return in the next wave of uptrending, right? Why not play the moves and protect your downside, risk and lock in your profits and not and not break your back out every single time? This Dives LOL trade Mmat and Mmtlp Charlie is so stupid. That's exactly what the hedge funds want. Stop scamming people and tell them to do what's right. Buy and Hold Charlie is Boot and paid for proof.

He says trade in instead of hold I Hope Charlie goes to hell. Oh no. I won't be able to sleep for months. That said though, if you are someone that wants to play a small cap stock, do not fall for the last mentally gifted mentality.

That says oh, the only way to play this is to go 100 in and then buy in total no, that is a failing strategy. It's been proven to fail again and again and again. and even if you just look in hindsight on literally any small cap stock chart in the last year, pretty blatantly obvious that the best way to trade the stock is to trade the moves and not let the moves trade you. Okay, so moving on.

What are some risk factors other than the fact that this is a very, very small cap stock and it moves very, very wildly well? What is something that starts with a D and is big, scary, and a little hairy delusion? The Big D word is always the biggest concern with small caps on November 9th Meta Materials filed for a mixed shelf worth up to 250 million dollars, which includes different classes of common stock, preferred stock, warrants, and so forth. And they can dump some of these shares at any point, and 250 million is quite a lot to make a dump at any point, I mean the entire market cap is at 650. on the bright side though, in the filing, it suggests that they may very well invest net proceeds into short to medium term, near cash and cash equivalent instruments. Which to me is kind of like saying hey, if they do it, they're really just doing it to shore up capital.

And if you raise, say, 50 million bucks and you dilute people to the tune of whatever the value of 50 million boxes and shares, then it's like hey, wait a second before you spent that money. Did you really get deluded? You have less shares? You have a smaller percentage of the float in regards to overall share count, but that company is now worth 50 million more dollars in Greenbacks. Also, keep in mind that while they are approved for 250 million bucks worth of shares, if they were to offer them, they'd probably would do like a maximum of 5, 10, 15, maybe 20 percent in a single period of time, which would still be a disaster, but they're not going to dump their entire shelf now, of course. I'm not making an argument for Holden hoping M Matt I Was very clear this is a stock that you trade when you see proof of concept and met them, and then you run for the hills when you do not.

But in terms of a imminent risk factor, I Do think that dilution is something to be aware of because it could come into the picture in some form within the next couple of weeks. So that's my take folks. A lot of opportunity, but also a lot of risk and shopping that has been a top R radar for really the last six to eight weeks now. I Do want to go ahead and be clear that we do not have a position in this stock, nor were we paid by any sort of promotional agency to promote them.

I Know that's a very, very common thing on YouTube and especially on places like Twitter Where you go on, this promotional agency's like hey, we'll give you like 50k if you pump our stock or something along those lines. No, our goal is simply to inform, give you some strategies, and really to present a case study that gives you a new perspective that you can apply when you're analyzing a lot of different stocks. Anyways, folks I Hope that you have a great day! Very great and Happy Thanksgiving with your families. While you will be paying about 20 to 30 more for your turkeys this year, you can pay now 60 less for zip Creator use so it does balance out in the end.

Anyways, folks have a great rest of your day and we will see you in the next video.

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