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Welcome back everyone to uh well actually I guess not really. Welcome back I think this is the first time we've ever been live on Thanksgiving evening Welcome back I've got my Topo Chico Lauren has Kelvid I hope I don't and uh yeah uh. it's like really, we're just on a cruise and Lauren comes back with covid What's up with that? Oh wait, Coveted Cruz might actually be a thing um I don't know. last time I had covet I didn't get it from Lauren or I'm sorry last time Lauren had coveted I didn't get it Uh, the Jack got a little sick the last time around and Max was just asymptomatic. Part of me wonders if it's either from the cruise or if it was from Max and maybe Max asymptomatically carried it sword. I'm not sure because Lauren got back before no Lauren started having symptoms before she even saw Max so that's not possible Cruz coveted is uh yeah China China it's going a little while Tom You know, uh, it seems like Foxconn has provided some money uh to some of the Foxconn protesters to help sort of settle that situation down. basically saying hey, look, take 10 000 renminby and and you're fired. it's about 1500 bucks. That is something that uh that that has been seen. but uh yeah, there's a lot of fear that you know China's covered Madness is going to go wild again. but yeah Happy Happy Thanksgiving uh you know their Trends aren't looking good. Don't drink and drive says Nathan Nathan You couldn't speak closer to the truth. That is very important. Hope Lauren feels about thank you very much. Yep I hope the same Discord Fam in the house. That's awesome just leaving this sus comment ooh one talk dirty uh hey meet Kevin white meat or dark meat? Uh yeah yeah if you're talking about chicken uh usually I like uh I like white chicken? uh tattooed Chef to the me Moon I Think there's a greater chance that uh ape stock will go to the Moon uh while Adam Aaron sells the Sun out of it? um tattoo Chef Earnings review. You know that's actually interesting. That's something I haven't done in a long time. Uh, you know back what? 18, 19, 20 somewhere around there I'm like I'm out of here I can't handle these people's marketing and their advertising budgets and such. Uh, it'd be kind of interesting to look again I wish I had my big iPad here but I didn't get it. Uh I was I sometimes I go sit in different places around the house and read I was reading earnings calls and reports today. Uh, let's but Tattoo Chef is Agent one that I've been very uh focused on. Uh of course you know a lot of stocks are obviously down in the toilet, but uh oh look let me see what their last when their last filing was. Here's their ten. cute thank you September third oh there November 17th. Oh they just had earnings a week ago. Oh that's great a week ago today. How convenient. Sure we could take a peek at this. Uh, we'll do that. Uh, do you support Sam Bankman Freed on the Nyt interview I Don't think he should get any more press anymore. If he gets pref pressed, it should be from jail I'm very disar I Like you, you can't run a company that badly and then just say sorry I suck at running companies you can't do that like I don't care if your intentions were right. you were in my opinion, at bare minimum, negligent with other people's money. criminally negligent. Uh, so no. I I couldn't support Sam Bateman Free doing anything. You should do a timeline of the ups and downs of your life since starting YouTube it's been so dramatic, you know? I I always think that uh, that actually kind of makes life fun, you know I I Try to look at the bright side. On the bright side, it's like that that YouTube channel. you know what happened to their views. by the way their views went to like poopy doopy. uh you know I don't mean to laugh at them I'm laughing at myself saying could be dude but um yeah but yeah, you gotta look at the bright side of stuff. uh do you see Robin go to bankrupt? No. uh I mean you were you I have no idea I mean you know, uh, it's it's always possible. Uh, meat, drink, drink drunk Drive Kevin huh. that's like DDD it's like a quad D's that's cool. All right. let's briefly look at um oh, we got over here. so this is tattooed Chef So the way I usually like to do this is the first thing I like to do is the balance sheet it looks like and I'm just going to do this rough here. It looks like we've got an inventory and I'm gonna again I'm gonna do this rough. We've got a rough and this is just Mental Math here. Okay Mental Math It looks like we've got a 40 increase roughly in inventory here. Uh, so we've definitely got some more shipments that have come in if we look at the uh like the current in current assets. I Don't like to use inventory as current assets because I think inventory can go stale? you can. You can discount the inventory, but I never like to take the inventory at full value. If you wanted to use it as a current asset, mark it down by 30. But uh, if I just take receivables and cash I think that's reasonable. That's going to put us at about 28 million dollars of cash. Okay, so then we've got plant property and Equipment here of 68 million dollars, looks like that's increased by about 50 percent here. That's uh, that's a nice little boost there in plant property and equipment and it looks like they've gone into a they've more than doubled their lease over here, so this is over a hundred percent again. I'm not doing exact math here because I don't care enough to do it. Exact math on this. Uh, I'm just kind of oh my. God What the hell? Howdy? 46 million dollars of payables? That's probably for your inventory? That's insane. On top of that, you've got uh. 20 mil on your line of credit. That puts you at 66. Uh, but those are all current liabilities and you actually don't have that many long-term liabilities. I Actually wouldn't give them any long-term liabilities I Personally, don't really view leases as as long-term liabilities. Uh, but that's a lot. That's a lot of payables. I Mean you, you need to sell product to be able to just pay your pay. They don't have enough money to pay their bills right now. Uh, you know you've got. you've got 46 million dollars here in payables now. In Fairness is it due within six months? Obviously, current liabilities are due within a year, but if those are due within a month, you have 20 million dollars of cash and you've got 76 mil of inventory. You better get through that cycle really dang fast, right? So uh, that's interesting to me. What about share count? How they've been doing over here again? This is Tattoo Chef I Really don't know why we're looking at this, but it looks like they've issued. We've got another 1.4 million shares of dilution here. Which mental math is about another two percent of dilution in nine months. So if I add another third, that's about two and a half percent of annual dilution. So you're losing about two and a half percent of value on the stock just because of the shares being issued. But they have to do that because they need money. And they're losing money. That's why they need money. Yeah, look at that. Oh gosh, this is actually Not good. Their loss has actually accelerated. Why? Operating expense? Oh My Gosh. Uh, they're operating expenses doubled. Their operating expenses doubled while their revenue went up by what? 10 12? That's about a 12 percent increase in Revenue Am. I Reading this right? Yeah, it's about a 12 increase in revenue and their Op X doubled. That's very, very bad. Uh, uh. that should be 2x, not 100x. But again. whatever. What? What? Oh My gosh, No way. Holy Crap. Okay, this this is like an example of the worst document you could ever look at. Holy crap. Look at this. Okay, this is 2021. Revenue 155 million cost of Revenue 139. Okay, that's terrible. First of all, because Opex included your negative Which you were. You were negative Around 75 million dollars. but with a Growth Company you expect more revenue and lower costs. right? Not what happened here. Your Revenue went up by about 12 percent, but your costs exploded to where you are now. negative. Every dollar of Tattooed Chef product that sells. They lose money. Holy crap, this is a lesson of What Not What? How not to run a business? Wait wait wait wait wait wait I got I Gotta do the math on this because it's so ridiculous and I'm not just like trying to poop on this for any reason. I'm Legit shocked. Ask any course member because in the course member lives, sometimes we'll do this. You ask any course member I look at this stuff regularly. Uh and and uh, it's I I Don't think I've seen one that's been upside down like this. I mean Amazon gets close in certain departments but this is crazy. Okay, so let's be a little more exact. Uh, so it's actually a 15 increase in Revenue 15 increase in Revenue but costs went up 29.5 But look at this folks, this is terrible. This is probably the worst part is that their costs of goods sold is greater than their revenue. Every they would be better off not being in business than selling the product because the more product that they sell the more money they lose. You have got to be kidding me. This is this is not giving thanks here. This is like this is the opposite. This is like giving loss, net cash and operating activity 67 million dollars burned. Oh oh that looks terrible. Oh man that that looked like a 1940s TV there for a second. uh and it wasn't even color. Uh uh. Anyway, so um, where are they getting money from? Oh, they're borrowing it. Of course they borrowed about 30 million dollars on their line of credit. Oh man, oh why somebody had to bring that up in the comments, but that was terrible. That was absolutely terrible. I I don't I Don't know if I could have seen, uh, worse. Like how long did we spend on that five minutes in the five minutes I spent on that? I probably have seen the worst financial report ever of my life in five minutes on a Growth Company whatever Nano Dimension Okay and so far so if you actually go back and just type into YouTube meet Kevin Nano Dimension I did a pretty deep dive on Nano Dimension and uh I talked about how you you have like 3D Printing is really good for like prototypes, but that company is trying to get other companies to use 3D printing for mass production. It's not something I think companies are going to remotely speculate on during a recessionary environment I could not be optimistic about Nano Dimension at the moment, who knows, maybe the thing's doubled I haven't looked? Uh, let's see here. Push that button and then I push that button and then that button Nano Dimension Two bucks. Oh yeah. okay, well that used to be like 16. Well I mean eight, Eight to sixteen I think is where? Remember So yes, a lot of people asking about sofa I Talk about block Fight Dude. Block fight man, you know I lost a lot of money investing on blockfi I'm so devastated. Uh, it's it sucks I don't know that I Really want to talk about that? Uh, so so fine I Really like Sofi I Actually think they had a very, very good earnings report. Uh, theirs was quite impressive. Let me see here. Three weeks ago we went through this with course numbers. Uh, let's see. Yeah I thought yeah actually this is what I wrote Member ad rate slowed from 69 to 61. Still amazing though. Uh so I had to grab the 69 from one of the other uh docs, what else did I highlight here: Oh, personal loans are exploding I Thought that was really interesting it so far that they are. The amount of personal loans they're doing here in in origination volume is insane. A 71 increase I mean that is absolutely remarkable. Mortgages and like refinances understandably plummeted and student loans as well. The whole student loan drama crap doesn't help today. Oh well. Oh my gosh, look one of the oh my gosh, hey dude, hey, what's up Scammer? Dude, talk to us. What's up Dude? What's up? What's up Scammer? Like can you like, where do you like? What country are you in like? We're not gonna come find you. We get it like you're trying to make a living and stuff. but like I I Don't think we've ever had a chance to dialogue. We got my picture so it's familiar like dude I'm just gonna WhatsApp you right now maybe we could I mean I'd rather you talk in the chat but I want to know like you know what's up? oh my WhatsApp a lot of people are guessing Nigeria can you can you blink twice? if it's Nigeria it's Thanksgiving man we gotta have a dialogue. Okay, it's Thanksgiving we gotta do it. uh uh, what's what's your number? All right? How am I gonna do this? Dude I don't know how to type that freaking number? Uh, new contact oh God uh, how do I do that? plus plus four four isn't that Germany no that's four nine plus sign four four dude that doesn't even come up I don't know how to use WhatsApp that's the problem. plus oh there it is it says United Kingdom Okay, seven four three seven, four, three eight three five Uh-huh zero zero, two one uh-huh Okay, I'm gonna name you scammer. Okay, I'm not trying to offend you I'm just you know I'm just gonna call it like it is yo. All right, All right, let's see what happens. Can I I wonder if I can share the screen on this I probably could. Uh, wait. did you just block me? Where'd it go? Messages and calls are end to end decrypted. Why did it disappear? Oh no, there it is. Okay, all right, let's see if I I get a reply from them. Uh, all right if they reply, I'll put the screen up. So the scammer I hope he answers and it's Thanksgiving Man it's okay. like like if you're chill, you know I know you got work to do I know you're a hustler I don't think you're an elite hustler because if you were, you wouldn't be a scammer. but like at least shoot me back like a Thanksgiving like Happy Thanksgiving man. Okay and by the way I have to say I'm sorry Mr WhatsApp scammer but I have finally gotten rid of all of the bots in the comments if you notice in my last like four videos no Bots not a single bot baby I have beat the Bots hell yeah I Honestly like I was getting so frustrated with the Bots because you look at the uh you like I like looking at the comments sometimes and you look at the comments and it's like dude, there's so many freaking Bots you can't even see what's going on. it's so frustrating and so I feel like that hurts the community So I'm glad I was able to get rid of the Bots shift Technologies Yeah so I've been talking about this one for probably over a year and a half. I First of all, when we had the used car shortage, that's when I got out of shift I'm like you can't be in a car seller in a car shortage. There's no way because they make money on volume, it's like you can't be in Redfin or expi when the real estate market is slowing you down. you. You can't be in those because they're volume based companies, right? Uh, it's kind of like you can't be in in a financial services company when all of a sudden transactions plummet 50. It's just a bad idea. Um, because they make money off every transaction right? Uh, and then obviously now used car prices are falling. so uh, it's more of a problem. Uh, anyway, someone here says I am a female Bob Well, then you're allowed to stay. We don't get enough of you around here. so you're you're welcome to stay. Uh Bots are a joke on YouTube at the moment they're very bad. Very very very bad. Uh, do you think Tesla has hit bottom? Oh prank called a scammer? Oh that's a good idea. Can I how do I do that audio? No way. there's no way. Foreign. All right. Somebody says brother, do Not send anything to that number. It's so easy to do a zero contact hack. What does that mean? Never heard of that. Does that mean I'm screwed. Uh dude, he's gonna get your number. Let him call me back I Hope he calls back. Never call a scamming number. Oops yeah, whatever. what are you gonna do? Uh, you gotta put on a show man. Okay, so has Tesla hit bottom? Um, it. You know a lot of it. Unfortunately comes down to Elon's insanity I think Elon needs to take a chill pill and and somebody needs to stand next to him and go shot the F up like and actually say it I like Elon okay but um, he's just need to. He's he's turning into he's turning into Trump like we don't like Trump doesn't need to come back to Twitter we already got him. it's it's Elon What did he just tweet uh uh here. look at this. uh Associated Press uh uh says new Twitter Owner Elon Musetti is granting amnesty for suspended accounts which Online safety experts predict will spur a rise in harassment, hate speech, and misinformation. Elon Musk Associated Press is such an expert in misinformation Twitter Couldn't hope to compete I mean I don't get offended easily but personally I'm kind of offended like I actually have a lot of respect for the Associated Press uh and I don't know. maybe that'll but somebody's gonna clip me one day and and that'll bite me in the butt. but uh, and I'm not saying every reporter there is great. uh, you know, same thing at the Times in the Journal. but I'm a big fan of Journalism and uh, you know I think I think he really just should shut his trap and he shouldn't be uh, bagging on journalists this much I mean this is this. It's like he works for the Trump campaign. Uh, so I I don't know I think it's frustrating Yes regarding buying Tesla I should be buying Tesla this this week. Stay tuned. There's a reason for that. uh uh, that I'll be buying it this this week. uh Activision Dead dude I was looking at Activision today. The problem is their their revenue is plummeted I Literally looked at the earnings for Activision today and uh, their revenue has dropped off a cliff. You're paying 40 times this year's revenue for them. Uh, they're overvalued because of or sorry this this year's EPS they're overvalued because uh, of the merger potential. musk is Right Kevin sorry dude I'm I'm not saying he's not I mean maybe he is I I'm just saying half a people I think are gonna say Elon's right and the other half are going to be like dude Elon like not cool. You know if if I were a journalist uh and and I worked for the times or AP I'd be like I I can't buy a Tesla like I I would be disrepresenting the company I work for by having a Tesla and then that one person doesn't buy a Tesla That's potentially 10 fewer people who don't buy a Tesla and that goes round and around and around and around. So uh, it's just I Just think it's bad business, right? It's not smart for Elon to be on the media. Uh, it's too trump-esque Uh, you know I This is. this is true. Elon is a genius who's getting too distracted in stupid tweets. Completely agree. Yeah. I I Have seen this and this has been very frustrating to me. This is true. But remember, just because there are some bad articles, uh, doesn't mean they all are. uh, that doesn't make all journalists bad, right? So somebody here writes: Have you seen the lack of real journalism on the FTX So New York Times screwed up on on their fluff piece on FTX that was disgusting. a uh B The one that the second one that's been circulating was the Wall Street Journal opinion piece. That's lame man. opinion pieces don't reflect the paper, but the New York Times one was bad. so that is correct. It's simple: The powers that be have been hidden behind the narrative for the last 50 years and now they've got the paperwork in place. They're going to hide behind the other narrative to enforce it. I mean Maybe uh I You know I'm not a very conspiritable person I'm um, I'm not saying you are I consider myself pretty optimistic, uh, optimistic and like I Try to see the best in everything you know, even even, uh, like haters or or whatever like, hey, you know what? I Understand, there are reasons to be frustrated in this market. I Get it? Can you give me a bit more info on the five million challenge? Monday How did you let Gavin win again? Oh damn yeah. So I didn't run against Gavin here in 2022. Uh, there's running running against an incumbent. Democrat in California is very, very difficult because you have to win in the primaries. Uh, if you don't win the primary, you're you're screwed. Basically, you can't. You can't compete against the incumbent. Democrat Unless you're you're running as a republican who's generally not going to get the showing for a primary. So you're almost always going to have a Democrat Governor in California Uh, because of the primary system. If you're up against an incumbent, you're screwed. Uh, because of the primary system again, especially same party. And uh, I mean the amount of money that you would need to win would be exorbitant. You would be trying to do what happened in the Um La Mayoral race and uh, and the Mayor still loses. We invited him to come on the channel for uh for you know, getting the word out since I think we've got a lot of California voters here. They never came. That's probably why they lost I'm just kidding. uh, he actually used a lot of and I'm not trying to Pat myself in the back. I mean I I You know like these are some of these things are common sense but uh Caruso in La was using a lot of my uh a similar strategies for like combating homelessness uh and and crime uh. I actually was actually very impressed with it, mostly because I felt like I was looking at my own plan which is like kind of like a humble brag. I'm trying to be conscious of that uh anyway. ah Reagan was governor. That's true, but the problem is way back then way back then. Uh, there were more like California wasn't as left. Wait, Are you genuinely taking a position of defending the media? Yeah, yeah. uh I think uh I think mainstream media is more good than bad I Don't know. Maybe people hate me for that. Uh I I Um, you know I I yeah I I mean I I really respect what journalists do Uh, you know I know people don't like Jim Cramer uh or whatever. but I actually think um, the journalism that you get on Bloomberg the journalism that you get in Barrens The journalism that you get honestly from the Associated Press or Reuters there is generally very good and and just because. like you know. okay hey, AP says you know Online safety experts predict will spur rise in harassment. Okay, somebody probably did predict that a rise in harassment will happen. It doesn't mean it will. You know, it's just hey, here's what's going on. I mean they're just doing their job I Don't know what do I think about McCarthy as speaker? Um, it'll be interesting, you know. Okay, Am I still friends with Graham? Um I don't know you'd have to ask that him that I haven't talked to Grandma uh five six months. Something like it's really sad I mean I'm down to talk but um see I I I'm not a and I'm not saying he is I'm not a good like I I don't hold grudges Um Lauren does. uh and I'm saying that because everybody's different I'm not trying to throw Lauren under the bus. She knows how and she would admit to that uh, we're very different in that and that's okay I think one of the reasons we we do well together is because we we are different. Uh, so we have different. um, different viewpoints, You know? So but again, I I think I think it's okay to have different viewpoints 50 or 75 next month 50. journalists have changed. Look at the media biased towards Biden Yeah I do believe that. I do think and I want to be clear I do think there is rigging in the media I Want to be clear about that like I think when I ran my Governor campaign uh, the the way the system was raped mostly because of the leadership. uh, focusing on no, no, we have to only show the incumbent. we don't want to upset the incumbent because then we won't get views I Don't think that makes the individual journalist bad I Think the corporate corporate structure of like corporate media I think there's a lot of rigging there. Uh, from personal experience whether it's censorship or rigging or or directions of stories. Maybe that's why the Nyt fluff piece was what it was. But I think individual journalists are generally good people who are working hard and looking for the truth. Uh I Tried messaging you on Insta to help me become a member of Stocks and Psych I mean Go! Go to meet Kevin Met Kevin.com Join the Black Friday coupon code expires tomorrow. If you have any issues, just send me an email Kevin Meet Kevin.com If you want a custom bundle, send me an email Kevin Meet Kevin.com We are like 200 emails down because so many people are emailing us for this holiday thing and it's just two of us replying I've I've probably responded to about 150 emails already today. Uh, so I'm trying. If the email says Kevin uh as the signature, it's uh, it's it's uh, it's from me. That's our rule. Opinions on leaps at this point? Balls low. Uh I Think it's risky because if we get high inflation, you know you're gonna. You're gonna have a bad bad problem. Yeah I agree with that. Uh, the media is paid off by the company. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's that's probably true. Unfortunately, that is probably true. So you see I'm trying to like I Don't want to cast like a broad like thing saying oh, all media is good, All media is bad. This all started because I Just think Elon should shut his mouth. it's not his in my opinion. it's not in in the best interest of Twitter or advertisers or Tesla to be Yap in the way is. but whatever. Come back to Russ for four swipe. Let's go man. Thursday Let's get on the Thursday wipe wipe today. What? Like Six hours ago? Nine hours ago. Seven hours? Yeah, Seven and a half hours ago. 12 noon wipe. Let's go. Let's go play Rust Right now you know. Should I should I set up a camera in my garage and uh and play Russ uh play video games at night I don't have that much time anymore to do that. but I'll run a poll stream games at night. There we go. All right. I ran the poll. Oh I think it froze there for a second. Elite Hustlers comes out tomorrow. uh uh. probably sometime in the afternoon, like by five o'clock or something like that. so it's live for the weekend. Come back to. Wow. Do you think the government will actually go after Sam Bakeman free I think so. Uh I I think um I think he'll see his his day of Justice so to speak. When am I buying properties again? Twitch stream Yeah. Stream on Twitch or YouTube I mean I'm just so used to YouTube Why Why twitch? Apex Legend Rust old school hardcore Iron Man When are they doing another? Um, what are they doing one of those uh events again where they like do the 2x for like three months or something like that. Uh, what are those events called again? where they do those? I don't know. Maybe somebody can let me know in in the chat I Don't remember what what that was, but uh I know you can just do hardcore leagues. That's it. Yeah, Old school. when's the next? League I Don't have time for like a normal I got I Gotta launch House hack. Wow of course. yeah, when are they doing another? League Did they just have? Oh they just had one? Oh well. they had one last January Maybe that means one's coming up again. Does anybody know what the next one is? Anyway, would you invest in SpaceX If I Could you know? I Was looking at Rocket lab today and it really made me want to invest in. SpaceX Yeah. I'm playing. yeah there are options on uh, there are options, lectures in stocks and psychology. Money though, there will be a lot more coming. Uh I'm playing Rust with a guy you'd really like Works in politics for a prominent politician? No way. What server are you on Mask? What's up man, how you doing Dude? are you on Trio or Duo dude this guy mask I'm playing Rust with Lauren one day and uh and uh, we get in this bow fight. uh I can't remember if one of us ended up killing his friends. uh or or whatever. but then this guy mask killed both of us and I said some I don't I said something in the chat like the voice chat I just pressed the local voice chat button. uh and and then he's like no way dude does that mean Kevin he's like here. let me get you up man. here, here's a bandage. here's some clothes. here's your bow back and I'm like oh, it was so cool. uh and then after that I actually played with Mask for quite a bit. He's a really good guy. Uh, so selfless. really great guy. Thoughts on that FSD Wide relief release Yeah I think it's great I'm excited about that. How'd you get rid of the box? I will make a video on that. Um, probably next week so stay tuned. Uh sorry I know you just donated 25 bucks but if I if I talk about it now, it's going to be a disaster. Um, next week. We have so far picked five apprentices that will be getting interviewed in person in New York Well What? oh this is just regular water, you know I actually don't like the uh, spiked ones. They just came out with the the Seltzer topos or whatever. Not a big fan. Um I Want to be clear this is not an external sponsorship I'm not getting paid by Topo to say this although one time they did give me free Topo because I had shouted them out so much. but I feel like that was like I don't know I guess that was kind of just like a thank you because uh uh I had shouted them out so much. but I know I never shouted toppo out in in hopes of even making a dollar I I just I just thought water Gatorades Gatorades you got to be. You gotta be careful with the Gatorades Okay, 68 of you say yes but if I add up the no and don't game, that's that's a big you know 30 percent. Some people are like man, don't don't game dude go find, don't find uh uh don't find um go find real estate. How's your DUI case going? you know I hate talking about that because uh you like how are you supposed to say anything honestly really? uh before you actually have like a court date I I wish I had like my court date was like the next day uh I really think I I would have been totally fine but you never know I mean I I don't know so I just have to let see what happens play out. uh yeah, sucks. what are you gonna do? You know it just is what it is. Don't try, don't drink and drive though. bad idea. Isn't that guy a hater? Probably. I don't have a date? That's the problem. Uh what could Twitter learn from YouTube twitch I don't you know I don't know if if Elon would be uh opened it I mean YouTube really has the model down YouTube is is just smart. They really have it down. Balance out the hard work with gaming. Heck yeah, gaming is a waste for cost of opportunity. Well I mean it depends because if you only work then you end up burning out right? ER Games you know I I've tried VR uh once or twice. uh, we have little VR goggles yeah I'm not the biggest fan of VR I mean it was kind of cool I did the uh what's it called? uh the roller coaster ride thingy I I I I don't know I mean like definitely makes it dizzy, makes you feel like you're actually on it which is kind of weird. You know if they had Ready Player one or like VR shooters that were actually good I'm game. hmm uh oh yeah. but anyway what was I gonna say oh what about Lauren having to pay 50 hours? Well she's got she's sick in bed with covet right now so I can do whatever I want I could throw a party right now if I wanted to. You know this room that I'm in right now is so sound tight that uh, my son was like two years old sleeping in the crib right above me and we had a dance party in here with like six or seven people, girls and guys. uh and Lauren of course and uh. and the music was cranking. uh the bass and everything. You go upstairs you could hear nothing. It was like if you kind of went like do I hear it I think I hear it. It was great I I Over built this room I built a lot of this room myself. War zone work for a used car dealership. Banks are going under so far. three wait Jacob can you tell us more about that? My girlfriend says my girlfriend. what Mikasia Meek Mika Mika Mikasia Mika Casia CA Sia would be Cassia What's up there? Talk about your weight loss Journey Are you calling me fat in the past? Uh no, it's um, yeah. I gotta do a video about that I definitely gained way too much weight. uh during the pandemic. uh meat breath? oh that's a good one see. but I like that because it sounds like me. You know, like oh, what kind of meat did you have? You know, was it like the question earlier? white chicken or dark chicken? uh you know the last time we did, um, the last time we did an analysis in the course member streams on lemonade, we were not very excited about them actually getting to grow. uh, profitability if I ride a bike no I run fed U-turn in February stocks up housing bottom Maybe fed coin Yeah well remember folks. what do I always say about blockchain and I feel like I I did just sponsor meat like two days ago. but I'm not I don't do sponsors anymore today. Okay, no nobody. nobody flips better than meet Kevin From one day to the next, everything flips. That's just the way it is. you're gonna be around Kevin You're gonna. You're gonna see flips. You're gonna see lots of flips. Flip Flip Me: You're gonna see me flip me. Oh dear. internships start in January Yeah, probably if somebody was going to come earlier, right? that might be okay. but I don't know that that's necessary. Would you do another pizza party? When have I done a pizza party I Want to do a pizza party at the New York Stock Exchange Who here is going to come to the New York Stock Exchange We might have to ask you to fill out a form. by the way. I haven't figured that out yet. four days till sponsored again? Keck W So k-e-k what's Keck Because oh, that's what that's what the Alliance sees when horde says LOL and we see Burr B-u-r when you say LOL I don't know what the W is I think that was you fat fingering A W Uh, although the W's not even close to the K so I don't know how you pulled that one up four days until you're sponsored again. Um no, you had pizza during the elections? Oh sorry, yes I did I did have pizza? Uh, any remote position soon? sadly. No. Max when I got your email thank you for that I Signed up to come to NYC Sweet! Do I have to be a course member to come? Uh no, you don't have to be a course member to come to the outside if you want to come inside. Um who's this random number? Hello random number? Hello. Oh they hung up. Come on man. I Wanted to have a conversation last time you streamed video games Elon and Vlad went on call together. Dude, that's right for Call of Duty Wow, you've been here for a while. Thank you. Oh uh uh. Blockchain is here to say yeah. I think blockchain is great again I think it's a utility I I Don't think I Don't think uh, you know that the coins are necessarily valuable. So your pro business journalist? Yeah, okay. but overall most just copy what they heard and suck. If you can't trust most of them, you can't trust any of them. All right? Uh yeah yeah, who's getting listed on the NYC Well I guess you'll have to find out. Yeah! Meet Kevin and Mozay have a disco you guys you know you could join Discord for free and you can tag me and stuff right? Let's go to Metcaven.com chat. Uh 20? Yeah yeah. So I do want to say thanks for brushing off the question I was asking if you tried any thoughts I don't remember what your question was. um and I also get distracted. very interesting. Uh yeah. when did I have a Thanksgiving dinner? no uh uh FSD Oh I think the wide release is smart man I mean this is exactly how you get as like 10x the data possible and you're also probably gonna uh uh, you know, get um I think you're going to get a lot more enthusiasm from people wanting to buy Teslas now I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise I Think the mainstream media should villainize uh, Sandbagment Freed But you know what's funny is you look at like I watched Bloomberg and on Bloomberg they're like, uh, we don't, we don't support you know, crypto channels or whatever and then it immediately cuts to a Crypto.com ad and I'm like you gotta be kidding me see lots of spam calling me now yo see second one second one in a row I shouldn't have dialed that WhatsApp number I'm getting ripped off over here I was on The Wonder of the Seas Yeah yeah yeah. in the future we'll have an app for House Hack. Uh, especially since we want to license the uh Wedge finder in the future, but that's in the future Kevin O'leary was I mean it seemed like he was a fan of what we're doing with Househag the Google pixel phone. You mean like like this, this is me Pixel? Look at that. Oh yeah, tech reviews with Kevin baby foreign er's calling dude I would love to meet Jim Cramer uh I'll be on the stock exchange. mark your calendar tentatively I should be on the floor of the stock exchange the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. uh and then we ring the bell the ninth which is really cool because uh I should be able to film from the floor of the stock exchange which I think would be really cool. Uh, we are. Maybe when. like next summer I was thinking about doing like a course member Cruise or like you know, maybe even like a uh I don't know if I want to like I don't know. maybe it might be public. uh but just basically like this is the cruise ship we're going on like you know, book a ticket if you want. How'd you get invited? You'll find out next week baby. Uh yeah. All right I gotta clean up the house now. Why I Closed meet Kevin Tech You know, because I think I'm just gonna post everything on this channel. uh uh I think it's just it just makes more sense for me to put everything on this channel. Househack is Not going public. There's no way how's Hike's going public. It's not househag. And we ain't spanking either. No, it's not house hack. it's a different thing. Yeah yeah, there'll be a market open Live tomorrow. Yeah, uh, you know? Well Happy Thanksgiving what if Elon wanted to buy house hack I don't know why he would I mean all we have is like cash God All right I gotta go. How long did I Okay, this is the last one. How long did it take me to study for my Uh for my Uh series 65 license? Uh oh, hold on If I was on the same cruise ship with Kevin I would totally fangirl out. Oh that's awesome! Love your condo. Thank you for that. Um, it took me a week to study for my series 65.

now that's not fair. That is not a reasonable expectation for other people. I am really good at taking tests and I have an extreme amount of Finance background. so I feel like that was kind of cheating. but I thought my test was on I think I thought it was on September 13th and then it was like it was like August 30th and I'm like let me double check my test State and I look and it wasn't on the 13th, it was actually on the third. So I had roughly a week and I'm like I guess I hate sleeping this week so I'm just like yeah but I dude I nailed that test. I would say I pr they don't tell you what your score is but I probably scored between an 86 and a 90 94. and with a weakest study 86 to 94, that's pretty damn good. They don't tell you what your your score is when you pass, they only tell you your score if you you failed. Uh, you need like a 72 or whatever to pass. so uh, long-term rentals by getting your real estate license I Actually don't think you need to get your real estate license. uh if if you're just trying to buy yourself I think you should only get your real estate license if you're representing other clients. but um anyway, enjoy your Black Friday tomorrow folks. enjoy our coffee I Don't have any coffee here. Someone's 17 and has been watching since they were 14. That's freaking awesome. What are you getting your law degree? hahaha oh man yeah I'd be down to get my CFA in the future I think I I know a decent amount of that, but boy that would take longer than a week to study for. That would probably take me a hardcore month. Oh oh I gotta go play Rust Now I mean I gotta go clean the house I mean I Gotta go.

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